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Proud to be 100% Woman Owned, Logodance is a full service promotional products and premium boutique firm that is uniquely qualified to be your marketing and merchandising partner.

With over 15 years of experience, we provide top-notch service to clients fostering long-term relationships due to the value delivered. 

Our goal is to apply creativity and innovation to your business challenges by procuring unique and cost-effective solutions to establish an emotional connection with employees and customers, fostering long-term loyalty and brand awareness.

If you can dream it, we want to brand it! Let's build your brand. 

What We Do

 What We Do


Ordering Process

1. Talk with us

Call us for a consultation with your promo expert and we can help you with all your promo needs.

2. Let's brainstorm

Next, we’ll take the time to research products that fit your needs and help you achieve your marketing goals.

3. Pick your swag

Which merch appeals to you? Narrow down the options and let us know the swag that speaks to you.

4. Let's Do It!

Pick out your favorite products, we’ll start the design process, and *POOF*, just like that, your products will be ready to hand out!

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